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Beyond the Numbers

Beyond the Numbers

Trusted advice to help you think big and plan bigger.

Category: Thoughts and Ideas

Living in the Land of Plenty

Rachael, a trust administrator at JIC, discusses Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and the benefit of being more mindful about our belongings.

The Importance of Patience

Todd, a research analyst here at JIC, discusses what both a fruitful apple orchard and good investment strategy require: patience.

Wealth Management…The Times Are A Changin’

At JIC, we continually work to make sure our wealth management process reflects the real goals of our clients.

Election Year Myths

It’s time once again for voters to choose the next President of the United States, and as always there is heated debate between and among the political parties and candidates. Candidates, commentators, and citizens alike do their best to persuade others that their way is the right way on many issues, especially the economy. Unfortunately, misconceptions and myths abound. In this article we specifically address a handful of these myths.

On The Hobby-Horse: Why JIC Has a Blog

Johnson Investment Counsel is excited to introduce a new pursuit of ours: blogging. After 50-plus years of serving our clients, we feel there is a great deal of collective wisdom within our walls. Wisdom worth sharing. Each of us has useful thoughts, experiences, and expertise that are often trapped in the offices and conference rooms of JIC. When one of us gets on our hobby-horse, we keep running into the same people. We want that to change. And we’ll do that by riding our hobby-horses around town.

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