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Beyond the Numbers

A JIC blog focused on the big picture; exploring and reframing topics related to wealth management, investing, and living well.

Driving With a Broken Navigation: The Pitfalls of GDP Measurement

GDP is a key piece of economic data for investors, but its complexity and use of historical trend data has made it increasingly unreliable as a catch-all measure of economic growth.

How to Avoid Stock Market Distractions

As an investor, merely recognizing stock market distractions as entertainment rather than information is step one to limiting their negative influence.

The Default Setting

The first ingredient to a good decision is clear thinking. Unfortunately for investors, our hardwired thought processes don’t always offer the clarity we need. It’s good to take a deeper look.

Why Culture Should Matter to Investors

Long-term investors should spend more time researching a company’s corporate culture and how it can strengthen (or weaken) its economic moat. 

Ideas for Approaching Asset Allocation

There are several rules of thumb we can use to ballpark an appropriate asset allocation, but these can be misleading. Looking at the details of your situation is the key to getting this just right.